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We live in a time when quick assumptions and stereotyping is an easy route to take.  Due to these problems, not many people even know what they stand for individually or collectively.  For example, we have it set down in print that we believe in equal rights for all human beings.  One of which being the right to openly practice one’s religion.  Therefore, building a mosque near the site of Ground Zero in New York City is completely protected in the constitution.  The negative implications that surround this idea are quite obvious.  Who can hear or read this and not think about the feelings of all of the people who lost family members in the September 11, 2001 attacks?  Putting the mosque and Islamic Community Center in this location will only seem like a constant reminder of what happened that day.  However, the site itself does that.  Also, we will already continue to remember what happened whether something is there or not.  It will also seem to glorify those what put to an end the lives of so many Americans.  What we forget is that there were muslims who died in that tragedy too.  Why such an affinity for Islam?

Many people associate terrorists with Islam.  But that is only because the terrorists who attacked us carried a banner for Islam.  If they would have carried a banner for Christianity, or Judaism, or for pro-life supporters, we would be targeting that group in its entirety as the enemy.  Just because a group of radicals decided to associate themselves with a group of peace-loving people, now the whole world has changed their view of Islam as a whole.  So when one thinks about this, a mosque near Ground Zero is truly of insignificant concern.  It was not the Islamic Religion who attacked the U. S.  It was a bunch of fools who, in their actions and associations, pulled other people into a terrible category which they do not want to be in.  This is why ignorance is abounding in regards to this topic.  People are not separating these facts from quick assumptions and quick stereotyping.  

 This blog is intended to address topics that are controversial in nature in order to provoke thought and conversation.  Please feel free to chime in with your own thoughts on the topic.


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  1. Ok. Think of this: The CIA and FBI have a complex conundrum on their hands. Their question, and many others, is this: How can we locate, detain and/or exterminate terrorists (many of which are followers of Islam) without walking on the rights of American Muslims? Many of the terrorists have lived in the U.S., for example the 9/11 terrorists supposedly learned how to fly in Vero Beach, FL. The Times Square Bomb threat was executed by an Pakistani American citizen.

    In short, it’s almost like fighting cancer. How can you exterminate the cancerous growth without damaging healthy cells? Who knows?

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