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What If 9/16/2010   Leave a comment

What if your wife (a strong pro-life supporter) was pregnant, and then diagnosed with cancer.  Her only hope at life was radiation therapy, but it would kill the baby.  What would you do?


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“What If” 9/15/2010 The Second   Leave a comment

What if we lived in a society where we could not grow our own food?

What If 9/15/2010   Leave a comment

What if the terrorists of 9/11 would have claimed to have been associated with a different group of people?  Imagine if they would have said they were Christians, Jewish, Pro-Life, Homosexuals, or even Americans.  Would our response have been different?  If so, in what way, and why?


The purpose of the “what if” is to encourage thought for anyone who reads it.  It is to provoke conversation (whether heated of or insightful) to weed through the difficult questions in pursuit of truth.  Please be as open as necessary to allow for blunt, raw honesty.  However, overly offensive comments might not be allowed.

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